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The story of Eton started in 1928, in the small village of Gånghester, Sweden . The young couple, David and Annie Pettersson, had both a unique eye for high quality and genuine craftsmanship, which later revolutionised the complete shirting industry. Today, Eton’s shirts and accessories can be found in exclusive stores all over the world.

Through a dedicated belief in quality and craftsmanship the Swedish shirt success story has spread from the small village of Gånghester in the west of Sweden to some of the world’s most exclusive departmental stores and retailers. Today, Eton still remains loyal to its heritage as a specialist shirt manufacturer.

A well-dressed gentleman is a symbol of hope, a walking embodiment of dignity, sophistication and power. We take this concept to heart; blending a ripe selection of colours, fine detailing and impeccable craftsmanship. With this release, we hope to inspire not only the man who dons our garments each day, but also those who pass him on the street. We believe that great style starts with your shirt. Regardless the occasion, a well-matched shirt always elevates the outfit. That is why we introduce Eton Style Guide – your source of inspiration on how to dress sharp and discover new ways to wear your Eton shirt.


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