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This natural cosmopolitanism has a strong influence on the taste and style of the polo player style: his wardrobe is the fruit of places, flavors, fragrances, of life lived in every city and town. An experiential infinite wealth.
The style of a polo player is told by small details, in the way of wearing a garment or matching a color and fabric.

Similarly the collection La Martina, from season to season, opens and provides for different variations, inspirations and cuts, blending perfectly elements from the Argentine origins of the brand with a spirit English nonchalant elegance.”

La Martina is a family company focusing on Polo technical equipment production and clothing and accessories collection, whose stylistic inspiration comes from this world. Based on the same values of this King sport’s, it shares those ethical concepts: respect for rules and the enemys, sense of honour, and above all, integrity.

La Martina lives and breathes the Pole. During the first 30 years, the stylistic offer has gradually defined a lifestyle flavor that has as reference icon polo players and their families. Real men and women, used to moving around the world in order to play in the major tournaments, with the same simplicity and familiarity with which most people go to the office.


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