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The company began in 1954 with just five employees in a factory located in Almansa, Spain, on the ground floor of a house. In 1956, Sebastian Blanco partnered with Antonio Garcia Pastor and Blanco Y Garcia S.L. was born. The company’s products were registered under a new brand, Blangar.

In 1989, the third generation of the Blanco family began to take its place at the head of the company. Miguel was the first member of this generation to join the family business. He was soon followed by Sebastian, Pascual, Luis, Rocio and Julio.

“Our family’s pursuit of the simple, classic, design and attention to detail, makes Magnanni a leader in the industry”

Magnanni were one of the very first shoemakers to take natural leather shoes and dye them by hand to achieve what is now known as patina. Their lead designer has paved the way in original hand painted design for nearly 15 years. Each pair of beautifully marbled shoes goes through several steps of color treatment resulting in a finish that is never duplicated..

The Opanka hand stitched sole has become a renowned stamp of quality and craftsmanship for the brand. It takes years of apprenticeship for an artisan to earn the title of Artesano which allows him to work on these meticulously crafted shoes. The delicate art involves sewing an extension of the sole to the upper to create a look rarely seen in men’s footwear.


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